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One of my all-time favorite winter brews is kava chai simmered in homemade coconut milk. It is warming, sweet, and oh-so-mind altering in the ultimate coziest way. This hydrating aromatic body serum is an homage to that warming and relaxing favorite brew of mine.

Kava medicine tends to impart a glowing warmth throughout the body. This remarkably calming, gladdening plant is native to the south Pacific islands, where it is consumed both socially and ceremonially, and also traditionally used (internally) as an aid to help dissolve conflicts during community meetings. Dale Pendell refers to kava as "the prince of peace", and I couldn't agree more! Topically I find it has a similarly peaceful effect.

For this serum a base of coconut and sunflower oil is slow-infused with first with hawaiian kava kava root, and then with a special blend of chai spices and vanilla beans. Formulated with supercritical extracts of kava kava, coconut, and vanilla bean, essential oils of cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom, and ultra-hydrating jojoba and rosehip seed oil.

This is a beautiful hydrating body serum and also a magical addition to the bath!

Packaged in a 2 ounce amber glass bottle with and apothecary dropper.

Although this is a soothing and relaxing body oil, it is not recommended for individuals with sensitive skin.

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