• Image of Lavender + raw honey + vanilla bean //        Sea Salt & Raw Sugar Body SCRUB
  • Image of Lavender + raw honey + vanilla bean //        Sea Salt & Raw Sugar Body SCRUB

The benefits of body scrubbing are so many that we could write an entire book on the matter! Other than being a rejuvenating and blissful treat for your body and soul, body scrubbing has amazing healing effects on the whole body.

The act of massaging sea salt and raw sugar into your body exfoliates (removes) dead skin cells, revealing the healthy, new glowing cells underneath. This stimulates blood flow which not only encourages healthy circulation but also stimulates collagen production. This creates more toned skin that glows! Raw sugar also contains glycolic acids which break down dead skill cells in a "chemical peel" sort of fashion. The high-quality oils and herbs in this scrub are also deeply moisturizing and healing to the skin.

Body scrubbing also encourages lymphatic movement, helping your body to detoxify and move out unneeded wastes and retained fluids. Because of this, you should always drink a large glass of water after scrubbing to facilitate the detoxification process.

This pacific sea salt and organic raw sugar scrub scrub is made with local Santa Fe lavender flowers and essential oil, organic vanilla bean, and Taos raw honey, in base of organic avocado oil, calendula-infused sweet almond oil, and organic extra virgin coconut oil. This combination is divinely aromatic, and massaging it into your body is a heavenly, moisturizing treat.

To use: May be used on dry skin, or on wet skin in the shower or bath. Scoop a small amount into your hand and massage in gentle circular motions, always moving toward the heart. After rinsing off the salt and sugar, use a towel or hands to massage the remaining oil into your skin. You will feel soft and glowing!

Comes in a plastic jar with screw-on lid, 10 ounces.

(Although we almost always package our products in glass, this product is often brought into the shower. We have chosen to package our scrubs in plastic to prevent potential breakage/injury).

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