• Image of sacred hearth {palo santo + wild apple} mulling spices

The scent of sweet spices simmering on the stove invokes an utmost sense of peace, calm and comfort. The feeling of home is the ultimate sacred space. As we turn inward for the cold months, this blend was created to help manifest that feeling of the sacred home, the ultimate cozy nest by way of the comforting and healing aromas of spices and palo santo.

Featuring traditional mulling spices, locally wildcrafted dried apples, and palo santo shavings, this blend was created as an aromatic sacred simmering blend (not for consumption). The intention behind this blend is that it be simmered for aromatic purposes, in a similar way that one would use a smudge wand or blend. It may be used on a stovetop or on top of a woodstove.

Packaged in a 4 ounce glass jar.

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