• Image of woodsmoke and moss {piñon + lapsang souchong} body serum

An aromatic and hydrating body serum inspired by our local New Mexico incense tree, the piñon. There is truly nothing like the scent of piñon smoke during the cold months in the high desert. To invoke this magical scent, this serum is infused with lovingly wildcrafted piñon needles and resin, white fir needles, ponderosa resin, and fir-smoked lapsang souchong tea. Formulated with essential oils of balsam fir, white pine, and labdanum in a nourishing base of organic jojoba, rosehip seed oil, coconut and sunflower oils.

This is a beautifully hydrating aromatic serum for the body, as well as a heavenly addition to the bath.

Packaged in a 2 ounce amber glass bottle with a dropper top.

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