• Image of nectar of the trees/ cottonwood + piñon body butter

nectar of the trees/ a wildcrafted delight for the skin & spirit

A little jar of clouds! Exquisitely rich plant butters, organic oils and beeswax are melted and then whipped together with artisan distilled hydrosols into the ultimate moisturizer with an absolutely divine consistency.

The process of gathering cottonwood buds is one of meditative, sticky, vanilla-scented bliss. As the winter winds blow, cottonwoods drop bud-laden limbs with utmost grace. The cottonwood tree does the most magical thing- she self-prunes, meaning she chooses to let go of those limbs rather than allow them to be broken by the winds. In this process, the tree releases tons and tons of little medicine gems to the ground. Gathering the buds is a slow and joyful process, and is especially tender knowing that the tree has freely gifted the buds to anyone who wants them.

The buds themselves are oozing with honey-like resin, full of healing properties- not only is cottonwood bud resin incredibly emollient, anti-inflammatory, and protective to the skin, it also aids in cellular regeneration. I infuse the buds into oil over very low heat, a slow process that takes a full moon cycle to complete.

This botanically-infused whipped body butter is luxuriously thick and deeply moisturizing - a tiny bit goes a long way. The high quality butters and oils in this moisturizer are easily absorbed by the skin, resulting in non-greasiness and ultimate skin hydration. May be used as a decadent facial moisturizer by those with mature/dry skin.


unrefined shea butter*, virgin coconut oil*, local beeswax, sunflower oil* infused with locally wildcrafted cottonwood buds and piñon resin, wild rose hydrosol, essential oils of balsam fir* and cedarwood, absolutes of balsam fir, benzoin, and vanilla bean, rosemary CO2 and non-GMO vitamin E (*organic)

comes in a 2 ounce glass jar with a white metal cap.

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