as above, so below / alchemy chimes


as above, so below,
as within, so without,
as the universe, so the soul…
{hermes trismegistus}

a magical little box containing 8 ceremonially hand-dipped beeswax alchemy chimes, each with a double wick.

a "chime" is a small taper candle, often burned in completion during one sitting, lit with a meditative intention or used as part of a ritual or ceremony. these magical little candles are also referred to as altar candles or spell chimes.

the alchemy chime consists of two candles hand-dipped into beeswax 8 times each. when the wax is halfway set, the two small chimes are spun together into one, resulting in a candle with two wicks. each wick represents a facet of yourself, your life, your dreams past and present. what is longing to be alchemized within you? to be honored and released as you call in the new? this chime wants to know.

these candles are ceremonially dipped by hand, in fragrant new mexico wildflower beeswax, which comes from a local beekeeper just down the road from the apothecary. the wick is 100% organic hemp.

each alchemy chime is 4-5 inches long and will burn for up to an hour, depending on the environment in the room as well as the individual candle. hand-dipped candles vary in size and shape. because these candles have two wicks, they burn hotter and brighter than a single chime. this is a candle you will want to sit with for the duration of its burn, whether you are meditating, dancing, drinking tea, reading, painting, or gazing into the flames of your heart's deepest longings.

these prayer chimes are made to be burned without a candle holder, using a small ceramic, heat-safe dish or plate: in one hand, hold the candle vertically over the dish/plate and use the other hand to hold a flame to the base of the candle. Allow a few drops of wax to fall to the center of the dish, then press the base of the candle into the wax, with the candle standing straight upwards, to set the chime. holding an intention, mantra, affirmation, or prayer in mind, light the wick, and remain present at all times while the chime is lit.

{ what does "ceremonially dipped by hand" mean? it means that i have opened a field, or frequency, of prayer before, during and after crafting these candles. this involves making offerings, blessing the beeswax, space and materials, setting intention, giving gratitude to the bees, all the allies, the earth, the cosmos, infusing beautiful sound or music into the work space, and yes, lighting candles… and holding the integrity of this sacred space for the duration of the candle making, then purposefully closing the container afterward. }