• Image of the sacred garden: tending the soil & soul
  • Image of the sacred garden: tending the soil & soul
  • Image of the sacred garden: tending the soil & soul
  • Image of the sacred garden: tending the soil & soul
  • Image of the sacred garden: tending the soil & soul

welcome to the sacred garden ~
a workshop ceremony with kate clearlight

{{ this listing is to purchase the recording of the zoom class, which comes with a list of invitations for class prep as well as a resource list with things referenced during the class }}

Did you know that within the roots of each plant lives a family of gnomes, working around the clock - with great joy- to transfer ancient nutrients from the soil into the body of the plant? To help each plant grow and become its most vibrant authentic self? We are allowed to take this as literally or as metaphorically as we please.

Scientific or spiritual, what matters is that we become curious about the myriad of efforts that allow one single flower, or stone, or cloud, or human, to simply exist. Does a flower have consciousness, like us? How does each flower long to be cared for? How do you long to be cared for? This mystical exploration has been the catalyst on my path as a gardener- I simply have not found a more potent place on earth to study this great mystery than the garden.

This is not a practical gardening class. This class is an invitation into your own sacred apprenticeship as a gardener, entering into your own contract to be guided by the garden itself. My dream within offering this class is to help others find their own mythopoetic unfolding as a devoted tender of self and place - What is the story longing to be told within you, and how is it already alive in the land around you? The garden is a palette for these precious myths to unfold before your eyes.

And on that very note, please know that you absolutely do not need to currently have a garden, or any gardening experience, in order to participate in this class. The dream of a garden is more than enough.

Here is a bit of what this class will actually cover: 

-A deep dive into the role of the 4 elements in the garden space, as animated and cared for by the elemental beings

-Plant + nature spirit communion and communication, via special offerings, blessings, meditations and earth altars

-Garden elixirs: we will cover both magical and practical applications, in order to enhance overall vitality and aliveness of the garden. This will include discussion of biodynamic preps as well as other biodynamic-inspired potion recipes

-The relationship between plants and the cosmos, and discussion of the biodynamic planting calendar

-The four directions as both a garden map and a soul map

-My favorite plants to grow in my garden, based on each plant's elemental correspondence. Includes medicinal herbs, edible flowers, veggies, and plants for magic and ceremony,

-Ideas on soil health, compost, mulching, tools, watering systems, garden location, size and design

-Cultivating sacred reciprocity and working with the garden as a soul mirror and muse


~ This class will take place on Zoom, at 12 pm mountain standard time, on the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere- March 20th, 2022 (this listing is now for the recording of the class)

~ We will be together for around 2 hours, hopefully with some time for q&a near the end. In the case that we run out of time, I will make sure to respond to any lingering questions you have via email 

~ The class is offered at a sliding scale exchange, please just offer what feels genuinely comfortable for you. 

~ Registration is offered free to our BIPOC community. Please check out using the BIPOC option, and the $1 fee will then be refunded to you. If you would rather not go through the checkout process, just reach out to me directly and I will get you on the list! 

~ This class will quite likely be recorded. However, please sign up with the intention to attend live if you are able! Coming together in real time to honor our roles as earth tenders creates a very potent brew to offer the earth.

Once you have registered, you will receive a PDF file via email containing a list of pre-workshop "invitations" - meditations and explorations to begin working with. These are all optional, but will greatly deepen your experience of the class if you do choose to dive in!

Please reach out to me if you have questions about either the content or logistics of this class. If you attended last year, know that there will be both overlap info shared as well as new content.

I am so excited to gather together in the dreamscape of the soul garden!

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