the gift / mini wish candles


there are so many gifts, my dear,
still unopened from your birthday.
{ hafiz }

make a wish ~ ceremonial birthday candles

a magical little box containing 12 hand-dipped beeswax wish candles, and one mini alchemy chime with a double wick.

i fell in love with beeswax and the art of hand-dipped altar candles during the week leading up to my 37th birthday. and from that love, in the midst of the potent summer sun and the flowering garden humming with honeybees, i created this special set of birthday candles… which may also be used for any kind of personal rite of passage or celebratory ceremony, any day, any time!

each tiny candle may be infused with a specific wish, or all 12 can be a carrier of one big wish together. i added the alchemy chime to really potentize the magic of the wishes, prayers, longings and dreams.

the mini alchemy chime consists of two tiny candles hand-dipped into beeswax 4 times each. when the wax is halfway set, the two small candles are spun together into one, resulting in a candle with two wicks. each wick represents two facets of yourself, your life, your dreams. what is longing to be alchemized within you? to be honored and released as you call in the new? this chime wants to know.

these magical little birthday candles are ceremonially dipped by hand in fragrant new mexico wildflower beeswax, which comes from a local beekeeper just down the road from the apothecary. the wick is 100% organic hemp. hand dipped candles vary slightly in size and shape.

each tiny candle will burn for several minutes, or can be lit and re-used for multiple birthdays/wish ceremonies!

{ what does "ceremonially dipped by hand" mean? it means that i have opened a field, or frequency, of prayer before, during and after crafting these candles. this involves making offerings, blessing the beeswax, the space and materials, setting intention, giving gratitude to the bees, all the allies, the earth, the cosmos, infusing beautiful sound or music into the work space, and yes, lighting candles… and holding the integrity of this sacred space for the duration of the candle making, then purposefully closing the container afterward. }

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