• Image of Moonlight in her Hair {mugwort + marshmallow} lunar ritual hair rinse

Hair rinsing is a beautiful self-care ritual that is healing to both the hair and the spirit. Throughout the moon’s phases, herbal infusions are a powerful way to connect with and honor the lunar energies. This infusion for the hair is not only whimsical, but also nourishing and cleansing. Featuring marshmallow, jasmine, mugwort, sustainably grown white sage, and other nourishing herbs, this blend was formulated to be brewed in the moonlight.

To Use: In a large bowl or mason jar, pour hot water over a small handful of the hair rinse blend. If possible, allow this to brew under the open sky for at least twenty minutes, set an intention, and feel free to add your own touches- fresh rose petals, a crystal, a few drops of flower essences. If you are rinsing your hair outside, straining is optional, however if you are using the rinse in your shower we recommend straining the herbs out first. Let the infusion saturate your hair for as long as you like. Rinsing with water after is optional. Please return spent herbs to the earth.

Packaged in an 8 ounce glass jar.

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